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Welcome to Campo Del Mar!
Your Oasis in Honduras
located on the Caribbean Coast in the beautiful Bay of Trujillo
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Campo del Mar Park System is taking strides to become a world class destination facility and significant visitor attraction in Honduras, while providing much needed services for the community and the country. Our focus is on the conservation and preservation of natural and historical resources.

We’re located in the Mahoguay River valley which forms a pass through the Nombre de Dios mountain range separating the Caribbean Sea from the Aguan River Valley. This is the historical trade route the old world Spanish Conquistadors used when exchanging manufactured items for gold, silver, exotic woods and other precious commodities with the Indigenous people of Honduras. The route intersected with the ancient Mayan trade route, passing by a cave system used as an overnight stop for the Mayans traveling between the Mosquito Coast of Honduras and Guatemala.

Divided into 4 distinct parks connecting the rainforest with the sea, Campo del Mar Park System unites the Ancient World, the Historical World and the New World for visitors.

The Nature Park allows guests to experience tropical Honduran fruits, flowers, fauna and wildlife comfortably in in a modern organized setting, while enjoying the Caribbean Sea and the secluded sandy beach, the Beach Club with it’s two pools and Mermaid’s Restaurant, and the wildlife sanctuary and rescue center.

Our other parks include the Wildlife Park, the Heritage Park and the River Recreation Park.

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