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River Recreation Park

Cascading Water

Swim in the natural pools and enjoy the fresh water beaches while viewing the cascading water flowing over amazing rock formations.
Book a jungle ATV ride, take a tube on a wild water ride or go rock climbing up the river.


Explore the nature trails connected by hammock bridges spanning the river and enjoy our picnic areas to experience traditional Honduran living. These refreshment stops are part of our social program, helping locals to establish their own small businesses featuring tour guides, traditional natural refreshments, handicrafts and artists.


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The River Recreation Park showcases Honduran rivers with their natural swimming holes, natural sand beaches and amazing rock formations. Traditional Honduran riverside living and recreation along the Mahoguay River is featured by reserved original local homes, hosted by indigenous residents in traditional costumes, providing insight into life as it used to be

More info about this park to come!

River view
Guys on trail
River bank

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